Fantasia Cromatica – in poetry

To celebrate my 30+ years performing this piece, and possibly its 300 years of existence… I’m posting my poem, from 2012, which for me embodies the spirit of the work. Enjoy!

Fantasia Cromatica

In the beginning
Was the word
The first colour
The original singularity – primal insubordination!
A secret nutshell of
But also Love-Beauty-Joy-Serenity-Compassion
Waiting for an aeon to be recognised, and implicated

Colour unleashed
Coursing into channels of unabashed unexamined creativity
The trite hydrogen atom
Heats up and becomes the world.
Yes! Kaleidoscopic displays of
Multi-hued Bravura, in the form of
Nebulae; asteroids flying at unadvisable speeds
Duck in and out of gravitational warps
Which in turn escape detection
Until the better part of Anno Domini:
The Greater Caffeinated Age.

My ancestors were supernovae!
Praise be for stardust and other miraculous components.
Everyday quantum quirkiness revels in its secret infiltrations;
The apparently humble electron swears allegiance
To yet-to-be-detected powers; a Quantum Lodge?

Gravitational powers unite!

with Olaf Schmidt and Jean-Marc Le Bon

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